The Copy Company 1/1 BENTINCK STREET,
Phone: 64 9 8260011 Fax: 64 9 8260013 Email:
to get in touch with  LAURIE   or   ROGAN

How else might we be able to help you?
Enjoy the little photo OR REDUCTIONSEnjoy the even smaller photo
   Call in to see samples of our work.
 Include full colour photographs in your flyers and brochures.
 Laminated enlargements on your wall will brighten your workspace and/or advertise your products.
Our Ricoh Colour Laser Copier
Our Ricoh Colour Laser Copier CD BURNING - CD-R & CD-RWOne big CD
  Back up your hard drive;
Store your favourite photos;
Back up that vital installation CD
(one copy only!)
Make your own music compilations;
A little CD
A little CD
A little CD
A little CD
TYPESETTING - DESKTOP PUBLISHINGWe don't really use a quill
  We are happy to give you as much help as you would like in getting your ideas ready for printing. Whether you have a hand-written draft and maybe a sketch or photo that you would like us to turn into a professional publication, or you have created a beautiful document in "Word", "WordPro" or "WordPerfect", we can produce the finished article that you want.
Our Ricoh Colour Laser Copier
Our Ricoh Colour Laser Copier GENERAL COMPUTING SERVICESActually just a colour chart - looks a bit computery, though
  Artwork Generation;
Website Construction;
Mail Merge;
  If you want it done, we are keen to help you do it. Give us a call to discuss your requirements.
   Our base rate for all of the above work is $40.00 per hour. We are always happy to give a free quote on any work you may be considering having us undertake.

Legal Stuff - liabilities, copyrights, all that sort of thing.

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